Georgiou no “student” of Liberal Party

November 14, 2017
WA Senator Peter Georgiou has hit back at cheap remarks by Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, suggesting the One Nation MP should be a “student of the Liberal Party”.
In a bid to shore up support for a better GST deal for WA, Senator Georgiou called on Senator Cormann during question time yesterday, to explain why all WA Liberal MPs- other than Dean Smith- had failed to appear at two Senate Estimates hearings (in May and October) on the GST issue.
Senator Georgiou asked the Minister if he was prepared to pile the pressure on the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Treasurer Scott Morrison, to ensure WA received a better GST deal, irrespective of the findings of a review into GST set to be handed down in January.
“Senator Cormann claimed that WA was already getting a boost in GST, to the tune of a 1.2 billion dollar top up since the financial year of 2015/16.
“So what we have is the Government confirming WA is actually getting 37.6 cents in the dollar, up from 34 cents. Well Whoopy Doo is all I can say” said Senator Georgiou.
Minister Cormann said if Senator Georgiou had been a student of the Liberal Party he’d be aware that all WA Liberal MPs worked as a team and we’re pushing for WA’s GST cause collectively.
“Well if that team can only get a boost of just three extra cents in the dollar, then why on earth would I want to be a student of the Liberals?” Senator Georgiou added.
The One Nation MP said the best way forward for Western Australia was a GST cut of at least 70 cents in the dollar.
Link to Questions Without Notice on Hansard here:

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