LNP Announces Plan to Sell QLD Assets by Stealth

In a shocking campaign pledge, opposition leader Tim Nicholls has today announced the LNP is suggesting plans to give away Queensland’s assets by stealth.
Outlining the details of his stealth asset sales promise, Mr Nicholls explained he would raid the Northern Infrastructure fund for billions of taxpayer dollars to allow corporations to build and control any new power stations in Queensland under the LNP.
“First the Liberal Nationals stood by and gave away the Adani Rail line, which would have generated the people of Queensland tens of billions in profits, and now they and want to give away the rights to our power in Queensland,” Senator Hanson said.
“Why is the Liberal National Party so against asset retention in this state?”
“Tim Nicholls wants to give away our power to his billionaire buddies, One Nation wants to give all the power to the people of Queensland.”
“It’s the short sighted sale of our assets that has driven up electricity prices. It’s time for Tim to come clean and tell the truth - under the LNP everything is for sale.”
“It looks like Tim wants to help the PM’s Saudi billionaire mates, by handing them a few billion more so they can hold Queensland residents and business to ransom over power prices.”
In contrast One Nation has committed to building a coal fired power station in North Queensland and ensuring the rights are retained by the people of Queensland.
“Unless these assets are owned by the people of Queensland, there will be no guarantee of cheap, reliable electricity,” Senator Hanson said.
“Mr Nichols again shows he is totally out of his depth. He proved that when he announced he would not support the $5.4 Billion cross river rail blowout but then voted with Labor to fund it.”
“I think we should look to see if Tim’s middle name is ‘incompetent’ because if he continues down the path of asset sales by stealth, he might as well be handing the election to Labor.”
In stark contrast to the Liberal and labour party, Senator Hanson reconfirmed One Nation’s commitment to protect and reinvest in Queensland assets.

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