Loony Greens set their Sights on Cars & Whipper Snippers

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The Next 30 Years of the Greens

The Greens—who Labor preference and vote with —have this week announced a policy that will see the sale of petrol and diesel cars banned by 2030. How far will they go with these ridiculous proposals? What's next, what do you think?#Petrol #Diesel #WhatsNext #Greens #LoopyLefty #SteveDickson #OneNation

Posted by Steve Dickson on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Pauline woke up a few hours behind in Western Australia to what felt like a bad dream!

Labor want to cut pensioners incomes and the Greens want to take all fuel powered cars off the road in 12 years for electric only.

These people clearly have no bloody idea! What do you think of their plan? Have you got the money to afford a brand new $40,000 electric car right now?

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