SIGNED | Untamed & Unashamed: The Autobiography (LIMITED EDITION)

SIGNED | Untamed & Unashamed: The Autobiography (LIMITED EDITION)

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The Bulletin Magazine, in June 2006, reported that Pauline Hanson is listed as one of 'The 100 Most Influential Australians' ever. She is one of eleven women in this list - only five are still alive.

In 2003, Pauline Hanson was sentenced to three years' jail on convictions of fraud. She spent three months in prison before the verdict was overturned and she was released with a full withdrawal of the charges. Now, four years later, Pauline tells the story of how she came to be charged, the battle to prove her innocence and of her life before and after politics.

This is Pauline's story - the good, the bad, and the ugly- because she is determined to let the Australian public know the truth about those heady years and why she kept fighting for what she genuinely believed in. She writes about her detractors, mostly the media, who under specific instructions, set out to ruin her credibility, and her political aspirations.

Greed, lies, sycophantic personalities and downright dirt! Pauline's book covers her time in politics and her shock discovery about what really happened behind closed political doors. Pitted against this is the remarkable story of Pauline's close-knit family and how they rallied round her when she needed them.

Pauline's autobiography goes to the very edge - names are named and she speaks for the first time without fear or favour! Other have tried to tell this sorry but now it's time to hear it form the source...


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